Color & Control:

Thumbs Up & Down

Thumbs Up to Spanish-American Chef Jose Andres and his World Central Kitchen for their incredible humanitarian efforts that are helping to feed the war-torn people of Gaza. With famine imminent, Andres’ team has built more than 60 pop-up kitchens in Gaza and distributed more 34 million meals to date. Photo:

Thumps up to Jayson Perry after losing his job and house, Jayson starts cleaning the highways of Vancouver Island. He believes seeing highways clear and clean gives commuters a better experience when they arrive at their destination. Jayson has decided to take his idea on the road in the future to try and raise awareness and remove stigma for people facing houselessness.

Thumbs Up to the more than 60 members of Parliament from the Liberal party who signed an open letter urging the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance to provide immediate funding for the Canada Disability Benefit (CDB) which was approved by Parliament last year.

Thumbs Down to Canadian rapper Drake has cursed over 2,289 times in his songs beating out former “curse word king” Eminem at 1,850. On average 5,300 google searches happen for clean versions of his songs to play for appropriate audiences. 

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