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Professional Health Tips

Walking is a free and simple way to improve your wellbeing

Here are some benefits:
• Reduced risk of coronary heart disease • Decreased blood pressure • Reduced cholesterol levels • Increased bone density • Reduced risk of colon cancer.

cs-kneeA guide to strong bones

People with osteoporosis have bones that break easily, even through minor actions such as lifting, twisting or falling. Avoid osteoporosis by:
• Having a balanced diet from all four food groups
• Eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D
• Limiting your alcohol intake to two or fewer drinks per day
• Stopping smoking
• Performing aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes per day
• Exercise to improve your posture, such as back extensions and core strengthening.
Source: Osteoporosis Canada

More than messycs-mess

More than 1.75 million Canadians suffer from compulsive hoarding disorder.

What is it? Compulsive hoarding disorder is the name for a behaviour that consists of accumulating a large number of possessions that seem useless to others. It generally affects peoplein their 50s.

What causes hoarding? Sometimes people aren’treally hoarders, but life circumstances force people to live in smaller quarters, and are unwilling to give up things of importance becausethe items have special memories.

Tips? Hoarders are often unaware that they have a problem. Here are some helpful tips:
• Have a face-to-face talk with your loved about your concerns.
• Allow yourloved one to tell you their story.
• Ask loved one if he/she can suggest solutions.

cs-bananaBanana: A super-fruit

Bananas are actually one of the most powerful super-fruits for your mind and mood. Here are some  things about bananas that make them so healthy:

• Natural fibre: Bananas are rich in natural fibre, which helps the digestive system and improves the process of dispelling waste
from your body.
 Potassium: They contain high levels of potassium, which helps maintain a proper fluid balance in your body. All living cells need this element to function properly.
• Mood enhancing: Bananas contain dopamine and serotonin—two chemicals that “reward” your brain and your mood.




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