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Shades of green

Eco-friendly end-of-life options for those who care By Mary Bart Stephen’s mother, Ruth had been a passionate environmentalist all her life. Her last wishes were to have the

In The News

Bruce Willis’s wife talks about dementia Emma Heming Willis, the wife of actor Bruce Willis, has spoken about the “grief and sadness” she feels over her husband’s dementia, as

Publisher’s Message

Why read when I can watch TV? When many of us were growing up, reading was a regular pastime. Having a good book on the go was a recreational ritual or a habit for anyone who

Leaning in and stepping up

Is it time to get involved? By Kylie McKenzie Let’s take a look at some of the facts, as well as some of the impacts, options, and ways our relationships and medical needs

An at home task review

Life is changing… it’s time to make new plans Following an assessment, make a list of essential tasks that need to be performed, including: meal preparation, laundry,

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