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Caregivers Club…Founded to support, include and connect local caregivers who are providing care for the ones that they love, the Caregivers Club welcomes you. Whether you’re providing care in the short or long term, caregiving can be daunting, joyful and challenging at the same time. Caregiving involves navigating different systems and relationships, organizing medical and personal issues and responding to sudden and gradual changes over time.

It’s our hope that the resources provided here we can bring you peace, guidance,
support and a connection to the greater caring community.*

Expert advice to help you care!

Take care of yourself 
Five key things that could make
a difference in both your life and
the lives of those you care for.

Caring across the miles
Long-distance caregiving is
not easy but can be made easier
with today’s tech tools.

Hiring help at home
The best advice is don’t compromise on the quality of care providers and their availability to fit your schedule.

New Video Interviews

Pet care for seniors
Charged with looking after fluffy or fido for a freind or family member. Listen to this advice.

Maintaining a parents house
Home maintenance tips and advice for families who are helping loved ones stay in their own home.

When cars need care too
Join an expert who reminds us of what needs to be done to keep older adults’ vehicles roadworthy.

Safety Strategies for Seniors: Fall Prevention

More helpful tips and tools for caregivers

Men Who Care

Welcome sons, husbands, brothers and friends. Whether you’re often juggling family and work responsibilities while providing care and support foraging or frail parents, and others in your life. And, we know that men who care need  resources and support too.

Young Caregivers

We know it’s a lot to handle on top of school work, a part time job and spending time with your friends. Yet a significant number of young people like you are spending a lot of time caring for a parent, grandparent or friend. If that’s you, we’d like to help.

Recommended resources
to help you care

From books to podcasts, and apps to helpful websites, our editors are providing you with a suggested list of interesting materials that have been created to give you a variety
of ideas, opinions, and go to sources of guidance.
Read on and watch for new resources to be added.

Education is key to unlocking doors
It would be difficult to find anyone who would disagree with the idea of ensuring our communities are designed to accommodate users for all.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”
Health professionals and family members often struggle to move decision-making forward. We know that providing care can be a big responsibility.

BIPOC grief talks
A safe space for those who have been impacted by loss, intergenerational trauma and cultural erasure. We are taught to hold in and suppress our emotions.

Suddenly single 
Once you’re on your own,
there are plenty of new
things to learn and consider.

The hard truths of caregiving
The line between decisively moving forward with things or gingerly watching becomes blurred. How will you cope?

What is elder abuse?
Beware those who would
take advantage. Here’s what to
watch out for in your life.

Plan ahead – not on the fly 
Whether you’re planning ahead or on the fly, a lucky few of us will find instructions for care in a sealed envelope.

Hiring an agency?
Here is what you need
to know about hiring professional caregivers for a loved one.

The four stages of care
If you can, try to
understand the journey
and where things are headed.

Accessibility and inclusion matters
What to watch for and how
to make sure your loved ones
needs are met.

The right to live at risk
If help is refused and safety
is potentially compromised it
can cause family friction.

Caregiving in the workplace
Carers who work juggle
lots at once – here are
some expert tips.

Enjoy these helpful publications for Professional and Family Caregivers

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