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Caregivers Club…Founded to support, include and connect local caregivers who are providing care for the ones that they love, the Caregivers Club welcomes you. Whether you’re providing care in the short or long term, caregiving can be daunting, joyful and challenging at the same time. Caregiving involves navigating different systems and relationships, organizing medical and personal issues and responding to sudden and gradual changes over time.

It’s our hope that the resources provided here we can bring you peace, guidance,
support and a connection to the greater caring community.*

Expert advice to help you care!

Feeling stress or overwhelmed? 
Dr. Elaine Dembe shares wise advice that is a roadmap for you to reduce stress levels as much as possible.

Practice emotional first aid
It is time we closed the gap between our physical and our psychological health.
It’s time we made them more equal.

Going on holiday together?
Written for carers, this article will help make planning your vacation a whole
lot smoother.

Update on home stairlifts
When stair climbing becomes a challenge, you’ll want to know how to reduce barriers and hazards.

A look at grey divorce
Increasingly common, long-term partner separations involve both lifestyle and financial adjustments.

Sharing the care with siblings 
Caregiving for a parent can make or break sibling relationships. Keep in mind that you should be sharing a common goal.

New Video Interviews

Pet care for seniors
Charged with looking after fluffy or fido for a freind or family member. Listen to this advice.

Maintaining a parents house
Home maintenance tips and advice for families who are helping loved ones stay in their own home.

When cars need care too
Join an expert who reminds us of what needs to be done to keep older adults’ vehicles roadworthy.

Safety Strategies for Seniors: Fall Prevention

More helpful tips and tools for caregivers

Men Who Care

Welcome sons, husbands, brothers and friends. Whether you’re often juggling family and work responsibilities while providing care and support foraging or frail parents, and others in your life. And, we know that men who care need  resources and support too.

Young Caregivers

We know it’s a lot to handle on top of school work, a part time job and spending time with your friends. Yet a significant number of young people like you are spending a lot of time caring for a parent, grandparent or friend. If that’s you, we’d like to help.

Recommended resources
to help you care

From books to podcasts, and apps to helpful websites, our editors are providing you with a suggested list of interesting materials that have been created to give you a variety
of ideas, opinions, and go to sources of guidance.
Read on and watch for new resources to be added.

At the end of life
There will be many decisions to make when you, or someone you’re caring for, has a serious illness, especially as the illness progresses and there are choice to make.

Is your community age-friendly?
Most of us want to age at home and stay as independent as possible according to several recent research studies. Experts are keen to find ways to support local seniors.

Hospital delirium
There’s not much discussion about a condition commonly referred to as hospital delirium  something many caregivers haven’t heard anything about.

Pets, loved ones and caregiving
Double duty caregiving responsibility can be a pleasure or nightmare for those with no experience. Let’s meet family caregivers who are now faced with pet care duties too.

Living solo
Sometimes by choice, and other times by chance, many of us live alone. There can be a heightened risk for loneliness, declining health and personal safety issues.

Help someone with dementia get around
People with dementia may have different risks and comfort levels with driving and other forms of transport. Here are some things for caregivers to consider.

Talking about aging the right way
As the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel… but there are various labels and terms that come with aging. Here are a few common phrases and buzzwords.

Vacation planning made easy
Being able to travel to visit family and friends? Taking mum or dad on holidays when disabilities and medical conditions are involved require a lot of thought.

Finding others who are willing to share
Those who’ve ‘been there and done that’ are often happy to share insights, make recommendations, suggest coping skills and offer tried and true solutions to help.

Reduce risks for vulnerable adults
When it comes to preying on people it seems there are more scammers, fraudsters, and hackers, than ever before… especially with modern day technology.

Caregivers physical and mental wellbeing
Staying in good physical condition is essential especially when our daily tasks. Being physically active also helps us reduce stress and feel more energized.

Taking charge: joys and pitfalls
Adult children often face different challenges than professional caregivers. This role-reversal is sometimes shocking, embarrassing and disappointing.

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