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Can’t sleep at night

Q) Mum lives alone and has started calling me in the middle of the night saying she hears strange noises. I’m exhausted. I don’t want to be mean but….

Unfortunately, nighttime hallucinations can be a sign of cognitive disorders like dementia. We would suggest seeking medical professional advice before all else. When you have time check her home for possible outside noises or triggers like radios that are left on at night or TVs, or other things that maybe causing her concerns.

Meal planning and prep

Q) What options do I have for meal delivery for my mum? So far, I’ve been dropping off meals twice a week but I have 4 kids and I’m having trouble keeping up. 

There are a few options to make sure your mother regularly and has healthy food. Programs like Meals on Wheels, Heart to Home, and Better Meals are all meal delivery services that can be paid for with every order or pre-purchased for a set amount of time. All of the meals are delivered to their home neither frozen in bulk ready to heat up or you can pay to have warm meals delivered daily. 

Wandering worries

Q) Aunt Mil has been getting lost when she goes out. We live in a small town so most people know her and help her get back home but this doesn’t seem like a good long-term solution. I’m hesitant to cut off her independence but I’m worried about her safety.

We are glad your community has been helpful. You are correct however; a long-term solution is needed. One way you can help possibly have peace of mind is to arrange for a PSW, family member, or friend to go with her. This could help with the restlessness she feels and also help her retain her independence. 

Double trouble

Q) I have a busy job. My daughter just had a baby. She needs help, as does my father. I’m torn between the two. They both live nearby.

Not surprisingly, many of us (women in particular) find ourselves juggling. In both cases, it’s worthwhile making a schedule for yourself and a plan for extra help from outside sources. In your daughter’s case consider options like an au pair, a housekeeper to help with laundry, meals, and tidying up one or two days a week. In your dad’s case, if you haven’t already, arrange for on-line grocery shopping or prepared meals. Does he qualify for government homecare services? If you can get additional help your time is best spent on “baby-care” and companionship when you have time.

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