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Burnout Blues 

Caregiving can be tough and its often difficult to keep up your enthusiasm day-after-day, especially when you’re trying to balance work and family life. To help you foster the right attitude and optimize your energy keep this in mind: 

1) Look for support where you least expect it.

2) Staying flexible matters

3) Speak up, communication reigns.

4) Know that patience wins.

Getting it done on the run

Take a deep breath and think about how you can make the day run smooth. You’ll be amazed at what you’d get done when you stay calm and carry on:

• Gas up the car the night before.

• Take water, snacks or a lunch with you.

• Keep a printed agenda with you for scheduling and note-taking.

• While in a doctor’s waiting room use your time to read a good book, work on your phone, book appointments, etc.

• Organize free deliveries of meds and care items from the pharmacy.

Tips for tax time

All adults who have a gross income of at least $12,950 must file a tax return and they are due April 30th each year unless an extension is granted, which can make taxes stressful especially if you made a mistake. To help, ReFILE is a quick, cost-efficient online service that lets individuals and the EFILE service providers send online adjustment requests for tax and benefit returns. To use ReFILE, your income tax and benefit return must have been filed electronically. 

Can money buy happiness?

We’ve all heard the saying, but what if it could purchase more time? A study by UBC has found buying time actually makes people happier than buying material things. Surprisingly more people were satisfied and happy with the time saving purchases. However later, when asked, participants continued using their own money to buy stuff not time. At the end of the day, it’s still a material world.

Accessible walking routes

Finding your way just got easier with Google Maps adding a wheelchair accessible walking routes. It will give you a step free route to your destination, ideal for wheelchairs, strollers, etc.

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