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Muscle wasting and frailty

As we age, skeletal muscle mass decreases. In serious cases, a condition known as Sarcopenia may be diagnosed when low muscle mass and low muscle strength lead to lower physical performance. A variety of tools are used to test these individual components. Exercise and nutrition are key elements in treatment plans, but research continues to explore new solutions. 

Video games for accessibility

Project Leonardo is designed to remove barriers to the Access Controller, an accessibility-focused controller for the PlayStation 5 was launched in the fall of 2023. With an easy to move joy stick and interchangeable buttons, the controller is customizable, and has the ability to extend and have 4 AUX ports to support a variety of third-party accessories. Well done Sony! We hope this is the first step in your accessibility journey.

Walking is wise

The simple activity of walking can do so much for our health:

• Counteracts weight-promoting genes—Harvard researchers found a brisk walk for an hour a day can cut weight gain genes in half.

• Helps tame sweet tooth – A 15-minute walk can curb cravings for chocolate and other confectionery items. 

• Reduces chances of breast cancer – Studies have found women who walk seven or more hours a week had a 14% lower risk than average.

• Eases joint pain – Walking protects joints by lubricating them and strengthening the muscles that support them.

• Boosts the immune system – Walking for a minimum of 20 minutes a day can reduce your sick days by up to 43% and make the duration of an illness shorter.

A cup of coffee effects the world

Our individual choices impact our planet every day, our coffee consumption is no different. To ensure your coffee consumption is as eco-conscious as possible, try and buy from certified coffee brands. Coffee certifications help you buy beans that are grown and purchased in a sustainable manner. Some of the best regarded certifications are: 

• Fairtrade
• Certified Organic Coffee
• Rainforest Alliance Coffee
• Bird Friendly Coffee

Preventing infections


• Wash your hands often
• Cut your fingernails
• Avoid crowds if you feel ill
• Screen yourself for symptoms
• Use a tissue or your elbow to cough
• Use disinfecting wipes of high touch surfaces in your home

DON’TS: Shake hands during flu season

• Go to work if you are unwell
• Touch your face
• Share towels, face clothes, or cups
• Wear artificial nails
• Go to a public gym
• Be in close contact with people who are ill.

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