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How to avoid leaks and accidents

Somethings we can prevent, some we can’t. Continence management may not be something fully controllable for your loved one, but here are some tips to help you, and them, manage: 

• Drink fluids. Dehydration can actually cause bladder irritation and constipation.

• High fibre eating helps. Serve foods like kidney beans, broccoli, or avocados to keep bowels regular and prevent constipation.

• Avoid Smoking. A chronic cough can cause your pelvic floor to weaken and can contribute continents management issues.

• Healthy weight. Excess body fat strain on the pelvic floor the muscles. Certain exercises can reduce pressure and help retain better control.

Potty habits. Urinate when bladder is full. Don’t strain bowels, allow time for everything to come out at its own pace.

• Treat infections promptly. If you suspect you suspect you have UTI or bowel infections, seek your doctor immediately.  

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