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When the going gets tough, the tough get going … as the saying goes. I thought of this quote when a friend told me how she was struggling with the almost impossible task of navigating the system to get their dad back home. That is, until she decided to treat the task like a workplace project. 

Perhaps there’s a lesson for other caregivers here. Consider the tasks that are necessary in your caregiving role. On the surface, the things that mum and dad need—managing medications, talking to doctor’s, scheduling homecare workers and buying groceries etc look quite different, but, up close,
not so much.   

First off… there’s the need to communicate. Most of us have learned, over time, to effectively communicate on the job. This, my friends, is a tremendous asset when advocating, explaining and pushing for action as a family caregiver.  The workplace has made us better listeners and more flexible organizers. And, if we’re involved in any kind of marketing activity… how to state our case tenaciously and follow through.  

Your workplace training applied to caregiving may also help when “hearing what mum’s  really saying”, organizing services, and did I mention chasing down the test results, appointments or advice you need. Financial and legal matters are also less confusing for those with a business background. After all, 1 + 1 still equals two when balancing a personal care budget.

Workplace bred technology and software skills help caregivers keeping accurate records, easily dial into medical teleconferences, keep everyone in the loop, track appointments and task lists and hire the ‘best home care workers” and set medication reminders.

Of course, nothing beats the human touch and compassionate care. So, if you can power through the admin and task related caregiving duties using your business acumen, my guess is you’ll be less frustrated, more in control and well on your way to having a more rewarding caregiving experience. Hear, Hear!

You can’t pour water from an empty pitcher.

Caroline Tapp-McDougall,
Caregiver Solutions, Editor in Chief

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