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Finding a financial advisor

Managing investments can be difficult and people many look to financial advisors to guide them. But how do you choose the right financial advisor? You can look for registered financial advisors in your area, they often work out of banks or credit unions. To get a feel of if a financial advisor is right for you, consider the following questions:

1) How do you pay for their services?
2) When did they start working at their current firm?
3) Do they consult with accountants or lawyers?
4) How are they paid? Are they under commission?
5) How will you work together?
6) What type of services they provide?
7) How and when will they communicate with you?
8) What resources will you have access to when working with them?

Staying cool with no A/C

High enough temperatures can have a number of health effects. If you don’t live in a home with air conditioning then ensure your home has proper ventilation. Perhaps plan to escape the midday head in a public space with air-conditioning. Some ways to keep your space cool are by reducing oven usage, keeping blinds low during hot periods, and opening the windows to let cool air in at night. Try to reduce time outside, but, if you plan to be in the sun all day, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends at least SPF 30.

Cannabis in the car

Of the 14% of Ontario drivers (1.5 million) who said they consumed cannabis before driving, 3 out of 4 of them were confident in their ability to drive, a recent CAA survey found. Penalties for driving under the influence include loss of license, vehicle impoundment, and fines.

The heart of the issue

A leading cause of death in women, heart disease, often goes unnoticed. How can you reduce your risk?
• Stay active
• Eat healthy
• Limit alcohol use
• Stay smoke free


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