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Fire Safety

The stats are frightening with older adults being at increased risk as they become older. In fact, data suggests that between the age of 65-74 people are twice as likely to die in a fire. That quickly raises to five times the likelihood of dying in a fire  at age 85.

1. The top three causes of fire deaths are:
a) Careless smoking
b) Heating equipment  
c) Cooking 

2. Emergency room doctor’s who have seen it all suggest that one of the best ways to prevent fires and keep our elders safe is to have a ‘Home Safety Assessment” done. From that you can introduce simple changes that will make a measure improvement in a loved one’s homes’ safety and your peace of mind.

3. In the meantime, here are some good suggestions: 

• Always have a fire extinguisher close by

• Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors

• Use fireplace screens for protection

• Keep fire safety in mind in the kitchen

• Prevent electrical damage with surge protectors

• Be Prepared with an exit plan especially when elders are frail, need to use mobility equipment or maybe confused or disoriented.

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