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Time to make new plans
If you wish to remain at home there are a number of things to seriously think about. Are you prepared?

Give yourself a smile 
Celebrate small victories and take playful breaks as you navigate the hectic world of caring for a loved one.

Tips to make caregiving easier
Knowledge is a powerful tool. Here are ten ways to make day-to-day life more balanced and stress-free.

Take care of yourself 
Five key things that could make
a difference in both your life and
the lives of those you care for.

Caring across the miles
Long-distance caregiving is
not easy but can be made easier
with today’s tech tools.

Hiring help at home
The best advice is don’t compromise on the quality of care providers and their availability to fit your schedule.

Education is key to unlocking doors
It would be difficult to find anyone who would disagree with the idea of ensuring our communities are designed to accommodate users for all.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”
Health professionals and family members often struggle to move decision-making forward. We know that providing care can be a big responsibility.

BIPOC grief talks
A safe space for those who have been impacted by loss, intergenerational trauma and cultural erasure. We are taught to hold in and suppress our emotions.

Suddenly single 
Once you’re on your own,
there are plenty of new
things to learn and consider.

The hard truths of caregiving
The line between decisively moving forward with things or gingerly watching becomes blurred. How will you cope?

What is elder abuse?
Beware those who would
take advantage. Here’s what to
watch out for in your life.

Plan ahead – not on the fly 
Whether you’re planning ahead or on the fly, a lucky few of us will find instructions for care in a sealed envelope.

Hiring an agency?
Here is what you need
to know about hiring professional caregivers for a loved one.

The four stages of care
If you can, try to
understand the journey
and where things are headed.

Accessibility and inclusion matters
What to watch for and how
to make sure your loved ones
needs are met.

The right to live at risk
If help is refused and safety
is potentially compromised it
can cause family friction.

Caregiving in the workplace
Carers who work juggle
lots at once – here are
some expert tips.

Caring for a dementia patient
A look at how to care for someone living with a mental health condition and the challenges you may face.

Are you emergency ready?
The basics for planning and preparing your family for bad weather, local disasters or even evacuation.

Agism. Are you a victim?
What you need to know about stigma, messaging discrimination and stereotypes related to mature adults. 

Every scar tells a story
One in ten Canadians over the age of 65 experience some form of abuse and neglect and that number is expected to rise as the number of older adults increases

Leaving on a jet plane?
So, what do the experts say about planning ahead for a happier, safer holiday? Getting there isn’t always the most relaxing of times. We have a few tips when traveling. 

Unlocking doors
It would be difficult to find anyone to disagree with the idea of ensuring communities are designed to accommodate all everybody. 

Tips for coping with stress
As a result of all the upheaval, many of us are worried about our health, livelihoods, and futures. It is more important than ever that we all find ways to cope.

Making sense of it all
Sensory input balance is essential for our nervous system to process information. When we get overwhelmed there is often a physical and emotional reaction. 

Our editors interviewed Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Ling Ly Tan for her insights on what needs to happen to improve language, speech and literacy.

Feeling stress or overwhelmed? 
Dr. Elaine Dembe shares wise advice that is a roadmap for you to reduce stress levels as much as possible.

Practice emotional first aid
It is time we closed the gap between our physical and our psychological health.
It’s time we made them more equal.

Going on holiday together?
Written for carers, this article will help make planning your vacation a whole
lot smoother.

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