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Great outdoors

I see a lot of advice in your articles about getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. I live inside Toronto and seem to spend more time with car pollution and noise. How do I find real green spaces to walk with my mum where we can truly get closer?

Carlos M.,
Riverdale, ON.

Editor’s note: Check around for hidden local parkettes and trails that are ideal for walking. You don’t say much about your mum’s mobility. Check accessibility first but you could try the Beach area off Queen Street, Harbourfront and even the Toronto Islands.

Culture care

We recently moved my father out of his home and into a facility. Unfortunately it’s away from the reservation he’s called home for most of his life. He’s difficult but also a contributing factor to our challenges is the staff’s lack of cultural sensitivity. Can I bring it up with them?

Holly Biszo,
Vancouver Island, BC.  

Editor’s note: Book an appointment with the Director of Care and explain what’s happening. Be prepared for the meeting so it becomes a constructive one. You could include your father, or not. You decide based on how he’s feeling. Suggest activities and bring in some familiar things/snacks/pictures to make him feel more welcome.

Sister and I

My sister and I are primary caregivers for my mother. We have been disagreeing about what would be best for my mother, a full-time care facility or staying within our home. What should we do to solve this?

Philise Andre,
Cobourg, ON.

Editor’s note: Ask a professional for an assessment, but also, ask your mother to talk about whether she would be more comfortable in a care facility or at home. Also remember
to discuss finances beforehand.

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