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Fatal to Fearless:
12 Steps to Beating Cancer in a Broken Medical System

By Kathy Giusti

An empowering, soul-baring personal account and guide from a two-time cancer survivor and healthcare disrupter that shows anyone how to deal with a frightening medical diagnosis with the knowledge necessary to take ownership of personal wellbeing and maximize the chances for survival. This book is the result of all Giusti has learned about how to get the best outcome from a sometimes impossible-to-navigate healthcare system.

Fatal to Fearless tells the story of how Giusti took on the system and turned it to her advantage not once but twice when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. It is a crash course in surviving a grim diagnosis, organized around twelve simple steps, with practical tips for everything from how to build your healthcare team and learning which online sources to trust, to understanding the science and identifying which tests to ask for in the new genomic era and how to access the treatments and studies that could save your life.

Harper Collins Canada

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