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Fresh baked cookies

Q) When Mrs. Baker makes chocolate chip cookies for the neighbours, my sister, Alma, says she wants to please her and takes several and gobbles them down right away. I’m worried because Alma is diabetic. Any suggestions?

A) It is commendable that Alma doesn’t want to offend Mrs. Baker, however, her health is what is most important. Diabetes Canada recommends that those with diabetes can still have sweets but within moderation and portion control. Encourage sis to eat just one and save the extras for later. This way, Mrs. Baker can see that Alma appreciates her gesture while properly managing her blood sugar.

First timer

Q) I’ve recently taken over caregiving for my mother who has dementia. I’m exhausted and worried that I’m not giving her the best care. Help?

A) It’s wise to regularly check in with yourself in order to address any concerns or negative feelings before they become a bigger issue. Some key strategies: 1. Consistently scheduling time for yourself to do things that you enjoy 2. Find a confidante to talk to 3. Opt for eating healthy foods and exercising. 

Also, look into community resources, such as respite services, homecare, or adult day cares. Caregiving is hard work, so remember to cut yourself some slack.

Assisted Flying

Q) I’d like my dad to visit but he is a wheelchair user now. He says I can drop him at the airport and the airline will help him. Is this true?

A) According to WestJet and Air Canada’s websites and our experience special assistance is available. Airlines ask that when you make your reservation that you identify your father’s needs so that they can organize for appropriate accommodations. 

What to look for

Q) I’m about to start searching for someone to help me take care of my wife who is coming home to recover from a serious accident. Where do I start?

A) First, consider whether you want to hire someone from a home care agency or look independently. A home care agency may cost a little more but they can take care of the hiring process, scheduling, payment and make matches/changes based on skills needed, etc. 

Next, make a detailed list of daily tasks, hours, responsibilities credentials/experience you require. Most importantly, do your research, check references, ask for recommendations and be extra careful.  You will be hiring someone to come into your home so you want to feel confident in whoever you hire.

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