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The 5 Years Before You Retire

By Emily Guy Birken

This comprehensive guide covers everything from financial planning to healthcare and insurance, helping you maximize your savings and prepare for a comfortable retirement. With straightforward strategies and recent updates, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to make the most of their last few years in the workforce. This guide will help you achieve your retirement goals.

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The F*ck Cancer Cookbook

By Nicole Andrews

Taking back your power can be slightly easier with fact-based lifestyle changes and delicious recipes in F*ck Cancer: 60 nutrient-dense recipes for taking care of your body during and after diagnosis. Put together by Nicole Andrews, a practicing oncology dietitian, shares meals that can help prevent cancer forming, and rebuild immune system. There is no “food hack” to cure cancer Nicole wades through the myths to give you an effective and smart advice.

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What happens after cancer treatment?

By Lena Fix

When we talk about cancer, it’s usually in the preventative or actively fighting context, but rarely do we discuss life after cancer. Lena, who was diagnosed with cancer at 13, discusses how to live life after treatment. She answers questions like does it ever go back to normal? And how normal is enough? With practical advice on how to be a successful survivor.

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