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Silent Fire

By Shilpa Ravella

A gastroenterologist explores the link between inflammation and modern heart disease and cancer. The book explains how inflammation, can sometimes turn against us through case studies and current medical and nutritional science. Ravella suggests ways to reform our relationships with food and our microbiomes to benefit our health. The author offers a paradigm-shifting understanding of medicine and nutrition, unveiling inflammation as a potential basis for disease.

WW Norton

Managing Stress

By Brian Luke Seaward

A comprehensive guide to stress management. Seaward offers readers a holistic approach to stress management, with a focus on maintaining balance and harmony in the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. The book comes with a range of online learning materials, including an eBook, a workbook, interactive lectures, and meditation and relaxation resources, making it a valuable resource for anyone.

Jones & Bartlett Publishers

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