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All eggs in one basket

My dad is insisting on selling the family house now that mum has retired and giving the proceeds to his friend’s son to invest. We’re nervous because it’s a lot of money and his friend’s son isn’t a licenced broker.
Phil Johnson, Moose Jaw, SK

Editor’s Note: Your concern is valid.  Although your dad’s  friend and his son may have the best of  intention, its common practice not invest with friends who are not registered professionals. Using a licensed professional is the safest way to be sure you’re getting the best advice and that your funds are being well-managed. Experts suggest shopping around to find the best fit for your dad’s individual needs and future financial requirements.

Feeling included

Your articles are wonderful and I enjoy your publication but I was wondering if your magazines or websites had any articles pertaining to the BIPOC community?
Sanjee Bore, Oakville, ON

Editor’s note: Thank you for taking the time to write into us! We strive for inclusive intersectionality. Fortunately, we have a few articles both about, and from, the BIPOC communities coming in our upcoming issues and more content coming throughout the new year.

Is it Ableist?

Hey there. I am curious about which words to use to describe certain disabilities and which words are considered ableist. I hear the term the other day. Is there an index or dictionary for it? Thanks, in advance.
Maggie Nurell, Saint John, NB.

Editor’s note: Thanks for reaching out to us and for your interest in “saying the right thing”. We found a good one to share at Lots of other organizations and universities have created guides as well. 

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