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Tips for long-distance caregiving

Studies have shown that despite the separation, long-distance caregivers can provide the same types of support as family caregivers living nearby, including:

• Helping with finances and arranging to pay bills.

• Organizing home-care services and facilitating the purchase of assisted devices and medical equipment.

• Communicating regularly to offer emotional support (writing, phoning, or even connecting via video application).

• Coordinating information (facilitating the transfer of records between health professionals, conducting searches about their health problems and medications, helping
them identify their needs and navigating local programs and services).

• Keeping family members and friends informed.

• Getting paperwork in order in case of an emergency.

• Having a home assessment done to ensure it is a safe environment.

• Providing holiday or weekend respite care to local caregivers who assume most of the day-to-day responsibilities.

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