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Never on newsstand

Your Caregiver Solutions (CS) magazine is not on sale at the big-box magazine racks in my neighbourhood. How can I get it?
Marlie Snyder,
Regina Sask.

Editor’s Note: CS is free on-line and through certain partnerships with homecare agencies and Canada Cares. You can subscribe to a physical issue by emailing

Three at once

The flexibility of your content platform makes it very easy for all of us. My mother prefers to read the printed edition, and enjoy your newsletter and usually opt for using your website when I need advice.
Barb Kegi, Cobourg, ON.

Editor’s Note: Glad we can meet everyone’s needs. It’s not always perfect but we try hard to accommodate across a wide range of technologies. There are so many ways to get information and our team realizes that a single format doesn’t always work for everyone. 

Keeping busy

Mum is now living in a retirement residence and not making friends or leaving her suite. I’ve tried a few things to help her but she’s more reserved these days. Any suggestions?

Sedgwick Charles,
Vancouver Island. BC.

Editor’s Note: It might be worth discussing some suggestions with the residence social workers or activity co-ordinators at the residence. This is probably not the first time they’re seeing this and they likely have some things they can do to engage your mum in activity circles and programs. Perhaps you can attend a few things with her until she gets comfortable.

Thank you

Our family is a recent recipient of a Canada Cares  One Wish Award. We would like to say thank you so much. It is much appreciated and will be a great help in providing care for MacKenzie. We are truly grateful.  

Roger, Allison and McKenzie.
Cobourg, ON

Editors Note: It’s wonderful to be able to assist your family. As you may know, Caregiver Solutions supports the nationwide Canada Cares Awards that are given out each year by the Canadian Abilities Foundation. It’s one of our favourite programs.

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