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Life upside down

Becoming a full or part time care provider or an advocate for someone living with a chronic illness, disability or condition related to aging is no easy task. There are frequent worries concerning changes in a loved one’s health, and frustrating delays for appointments and treatments. And, despite the fact that family caregivers are recognized, appreciated and acknowledged as significant contributors to the well being of families and society as a whole, don’t be surprised when you hit roadblocks, barriers and delays. 

You may also struggle with personal misgivings about the weight of your newfound responsibilities. After all, there are no magic formulas, or manuals, that offer step-by-step instructions or daily timetables.  

Each caregiver’s journey is different but there may be comfort for you in recognizing the similarities. 1. Your life will be richer, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself as you care for someone you love. 2. Your life will never be quite the same again. Infact, it may well be turned upside down 3. Your life will be filled with daily changes and interruptions will become your new normal. 4. Your self-confidence and strength under pressure will be put to the test. 5. Difficult decisions will be required. 

Suffice it to say, however, you don’t have to go it alone. You’re entering a world where many of us have been before and where research and caregiving resources are much more readily available to you. You no longer have to be invisible or isolated because help is nearby if you choose to reach out and ask for it from friends, family, and community resource groups.  

And, while we can’t be there with you every day, our Caregiver Solutions team  promises to continue to bring bonus issues like this one and  some of the best advice you’ll find. Their insights, caregiving tips and wise advice can be counted on to help you cope, stay calm and carry on caregiving.

Until next time 

Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Publisher/Editor

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