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Plan a Birthday Party

How to plan the perfect birthday party.
1. Keep the invitation list reasonable.
2. Pick a location accessible for all—with comfortable chairs.
3. The menu should include food that is easy to eat and digest for all guests.
4. Place presents in gift bags instead of wrapping them.
5. Consider how long the party will last.
6. Have a contingency plan for an alternate location as needed.
7. Take lots of pictures and have fun!


Winter walking.
As cold weather approaches, outfit yourself
for safe walking:
• Choose a good pair of winter boots.For warmth and stability look for these features:
• Well-insulated and waterproof
• Thick, non-slip tread sole
• Wide, low heels
• Light in weight





The best popcorn ever. 
Don’t waste money on microwave popcorn in bags.
Here is a healthier way to go… all you need is
a paper bag!Ingredients
• 1/4 cup organic popcorn kernels
• 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
• 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
• 1/2 tsp Italian seasoningDirections
Place popcorn in a brown paper bag and twist
the opening to close. Microwave on high for
two-three minutes until you hear the pops
slow down. Empty into a bowl and drizzle with
oil, toss with herbs and yeast for a cheesy
herby version.


Tips to lower blood pressure.
1. Exercise strengthens the heart.
A strong heart can pump more blood with
less effort.
2. Healthy food choices. A diet rich in fruits,
vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy
products—combined with lessred meats,
processed foods and sweets—can also help
lower your blood pressure.
3. Reducing dietary salt is one of the surest
ways to manage blood pressure.
4. Limit alcohol intake. One drink per day
can help protect you from heart attacks and
coronary disease; those benefits are lost as
soon as you drink more.
5. Healthy weight. Less mass means your
heart doesn’t have to pump as hard.


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