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Cooking from meal boxes can cut household waste

Each year, 931 million tons of food is wasted by households worldwide. This is food that has been processed, packaged and sold to consumers in retail stores, it also often goes from the shelf to the garbage. As the food rots in landfills, it releases gasses, like methane, and other highly toxic chemicals into the environment.

A recent study suggests that one way to limit the amount of food waste (from buying too many ingredients or cooking too much food) is to prepare and cook from subscription meal boxes. In fact, the research shows that households, on average, wasted 38% less food when they prepared dinner using a pre-portioned meal box. 

Across six countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands), 914 households were surveyed that were already subscribed to a service during November to December 2019. The households were instructed to report the amount of food waste from multiple dinners over the course of four weeks. Of note, researchers also found that most consumer food waste is from food left in pots and pans that is not eaten and instead thrown away. 

Source: Phys.Org

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