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Wellness travel

Ready to trade in beach cocktails for yoga retreats? Apparently one fifth of travellers globally say they’re looking to travel for health and wellness related reasons. Alongside spa experiences, travellers are willing to try customized exercise plans, one-on-one coaching, and a variety of other holistic methods in an effort to feel their best. 

Source: National Geographic

Good-bye jet lag

Timeshifter is an app that provides personalized jet lag advice based on your flight times and individual sleep and chronotype preferences. The app includes advice on sleep, naps, light and light avoidance, and optional info on caffeine and melatonin use. Following the advice in the app will help reduce the symptoms.

Source: Sleep Foundation

Reduce pressure injuries

Studies show pressure injuries (or bedsores) can develop in just two hours of immobility. This can lead to greater in-hospital mortality and increased long-term costs. As wait times increase nationwide, nurses are waving red flags and urging hospitals to integrate appropriate assessment and prevention mechanisms to reduce risks and potentially dangerous outcomes.

Source: Canadian Nurse

Should you chronowork? 

Hoping to get more done? Enter what digital editor Ellen Scott defines as  “chronoworking”—adapting your working hours to your circadian rhythm. Peak performance differences in decision making in early risers, and night owls are at 8am, and 8pm, respectively. Why not plan your day with your internal clock in mind.

Source: Stylist 

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