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A home safety checklist

It is important to ensure the house or apartment is “senior safe.” However, these considerations are particularly important when choosing accommodations. Make any repairs or modifications that are necessary. If it can prevent a fall or other accident, it is a wise investment.
Are all stairs/railings in good condition?
• Are all doors, windows and locks secure?
• Is the kitchen “senior safe”?
• Are there working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home?
• Are all carpets and rugs secure?
• Are electrical appliances and cords in good condition?
• Is the lighting adequate?
• Do neighbours/landlords know how to reach family members?
• Are there non-slip mats in the bathroom?
• Are snow and ice cleared in the winter?
• Are emergency telephone numbers nearby?


Love that puppy

It’s good for your health to have a dog according to veterinarians. You will enrich your daily life with companionship, but most importantly help you cope with all health issues by lowering your stress. Dog owners are less likely to be on medications and dogs reduce the risk of heart disease by 31 per cent.


Helping someone remember

While the process of remembering takes more time, memory is still easily jogged. Many people who experience a mild memory loss can significantly regain memory function again through memory training. Here are some suggestions your elder can follow:
1) Listen carefully and take time to remember
2) Think about what it is that has to be remembered
3) Repeat it out loud
4) Link new things to past memories
5) Practice using the new information
6) Write it down and keep it near you

These techniques are simple and easy to do. Want to learn more? Look into memory training techniques including association, visualization and observation.


Extreme ironing

Want to combine your love of cleaning with your love of getting wild, then perhaps you’d like to try extreme ironing. Founded in 1997 the sport challenges competitors to press shirts in unexpected locations—like high up in trees, hanging over cliffs, or paddling white-water rapids.

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