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How old do you feel?

While getting older can’t be avoided there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to discussing age.
• Chronological age: The number of years you’ve been alive.
• Biological age: Which refers to how old your body’s cells appear, a measure based on biological markers.
• Subjective age: This is how old you feel.


Can a banana improve your mood?

With about 30 per cent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B6 which produces serotonin, a mood stabilizer, eating a banana may just give you a lift. Not only does serotonin impact both your motor skills and emotions but it helps with sleep and digestion. While your feelings might seem a less reliable measure than the number of birthday candles on your cake, subjective age can predict later-life health outcomes. Studies show that if you feel younger than you are you’ll tend to have a healthier brain, a greater sense of well-being, and a longer life.
Source: University of Exeter


Women have better taste

Females generally have a finer sense of taste than males. In studies conducted by LIFE food sciences, women picked out tastes with a 10 per cent greater accuracy. Men needed approximately 20 per cent more sweetness to recognize the difference and 10 per cent more sourness. And, according to a Yale study, 35 per cent of women fall under the category of “supertasters” because they have more taste buds than the average person. Only around 15 per cent of men can make the same claim.


Spring cleaning your life

Perhaps it’s time to pull out all the stops and help get your mind and body back in sync. Here are a few productive suggestions.

1)  Start your day with a tall glass of lemon water.

2) Plan your entire week on Sundays, or the next day on the evening prior.

3) Make sure 85 per cent of commitments are necessary.

4) Do a check-in with those you love on a daily basis.

5) Clean up your office, your desk, etc.

6) Exercise, outside if possible, for 20 minutes.

7) De-junk your fridge and pantry.

8) Soak in a nightly bath (with essential oils) and make a cup of herbal tea.

9) When guilt creeps up, shoe it away.

10) Live in the moment and simplify…everything.

11) Read, as often as you can.


Become a food waste warrior

We often throw out too much food that’s gone bad. Maybe you aren’t a meal planner but it may help to incorporate these few habits into your shopping experiences.
Think about what needs to be eaten first this week
Think about sharing if quantities are too much for your needs
Think about using containers to store or freeze items to keep them fresh.   

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