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Coping with negative emotions

On a bad day, you may feel angry, jealous of others or even sad and lonely. It’s important to understand that these feelings are quite natural when you’re a caregiver given the changes in your life. Experts suggest 1. Focusing on the positive 2. Avoiding words like horrible and terrible in your conversations with yourself 3. Making a concentrated effort to recognize your limitations can really help. 4. Seeking out help from a counsellor before the situation becomes overwhelming. 


Become a food waste Warrior 

We often throw out too much food that’s gone bad. Maybe you aren’t a meal planner but it may help to incorporate these few habits into your shopping experiences.
• Think about what needs to be eaten first this week
• Think about sharing if quantities are too much for your needs
• Think about using containers to store or freeze items to keep them fresh.


Gardening improves lifespan

A mostly plant-based diet, a strong support group, and moderate exercise were all factors helping people to live longer in Dan Buettner’s aging research. In his book Blue Zones, also tells us that folks who lived longer and happier lives were also more likely to be gardeners, well into their old age.


The wonder of the walnut

Ranked as one of the healthiest nuts, walnuts contain essential omega-3 fatty acids which play a roll in brain function and help protect against heart disease and lower inflammation. Eat them as a salad topping, in a breakfast bowl, in banana bread or just as a mid-morning snack.


Throw it away

It’s sometimes not easy to part with old favourites but when de-cluttering, think about including a few of these items:
• Worn out shoes
• Socks with no more cushioning or shape
• Underwear that’s lost its stretch
• Stained t-shirts.


Hard to pick up mail from the floor?

Install a mail box near your door, or use a box or basked under the mail slot and a hanging bag on the outside of the door for newspapers to reduce the need to bend down.


Did you know?

Chocolate is good for your skin? Antioxidants in chocolate improve blood flow and protect skin from UV damage.

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