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The joy of aging

As we age plenty of things change but here are a few you may not have discovered yet:

You sweat less, particularly if you’re a woman. Apparently post menopause, our underarm sweat glands shrink and produce less perspiration.

Teeth are less sensitive because dentin, the hard inner tissue builds up between the outer enamel of a tooth and its central nerve.

Migraines are less frequent. Almost 70% of women get permanent relief after menopause.

Lights up. Our pupils react more slowly to changes in light and, at age 60 we need 3 times more light to read than a 20 year old.

What is Wheelmap?

An online application that allows users to make public and private places on a global map to show the extent of their accessibility. In Canada, Wheelmap’s partner is run by the Canadian Abilities Foundation, called STRUT.

For more information, visit or

Does your partner snore?

Try these tips to get some sleep:
1) Create an evening wind-down routine to help you drift off
2) Consider going to bed at a different time than your partner
3) Drown out the noise with ear plugs or a white noise machine
4) Prop up a pillow against their back to make them stay in a side position
5) Help them cut out the nightcap
6) Encourage them to see a doctor
7) If all else fails, consider sleeping apart

Free companion ticket on a plane

Canada has one of the world’s best programs for companions of people with disabilities. In many cases, carers are entitled to a free domestic airline ticket.

For more information, visit the Canadian Transportation Agency at

Wearable devices help independence 

Look for smart devices to help ageing adults improve their quality of life. From allowing health monitoring to alerting trained professionals if they fall there is tech for safety and medical alerts. We can also connect more easily with family caregivers and keep everyone on the same page when it comes to daily life.

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