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Benefits of caregiving…

It’s all too easy to look at the negatives but, when you look on the bright side:
• You know your loved one is getting the care they need
• You have a stronger bond and connection to them
• You’ll learn new skills and appreciation for those who help you.
• You are building confidence.

ONLY 1/3 find virtual care better

Over the past 2 years 25% of health care workers were providing services virtually.  87% by phone, 47% by video, and 26% by text or email. According to StatCan, over 79% were psychologists, social workers and family counsellors and 66% were physicians. Only 15% were nurses. Compared with in person care, only one in three found that providing virtual care was the same or better.

What is accessibility?

It’s not just about wheelchairs and canes. Accessibility means allowing people to fully access a community in an equitable manner that supports their needs and desires. It means:
• Supporting those with mobility issues, visual impairments and other disabilities
• Supporting people for whom English is not a first language
• Supporting our aging population
• Supporting those with varying degrees of literacy and experience.

Seen and Not Heard

Created by Caroline Mincks, this AMI radio play is a slice-of-life story that follows a woman attempting to redirect her life after an illness leaves her with sudden and significant hearing loss.

Avoid frailty!

Frailty makes you more vulnerable and less likely to bounce back after an illness such as the flu. 

 A Stay Active

 V Get your Vaccinations

O Optimise medications

 I Interact with others.

D Watch your Diet

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