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Advice to finding and keeping friends

Here are 4 secrets to finding (and keeping) friends:
1) Take initiative and join activities in your community
2) Keep showing up
3) Don’t be anxious 
4) Genuinely compliment, greet and be warm.

How to take an online course and succeed 

Lifelong learning is made easier for some of us with easy to access on-line courses. Here are some tips for staying on task:
• Remind yourself that this is a “real” course that you paid for or, at least signed up for and are interested in.
• Hold yourself accountable by setting goals and even sharing a challenge with a classmate.
• Be sure your computer skills are up to snuff and that you have the proper programs, before you start.
• Eliminate distractions by creating an organized study space. 
• Participate actively and keep a clear schedule of workshop times and assignments so you don’t forget, or miss things.

Good hydration slows aging

Adults who drink lots of water tend to develop fewer chronic conditions and live longer according to a recent study. Researchers suggest women drink 6-9 cups of fluids daily, while for men, 8-12 cups are recommended. 

Did you know?

Google was initially called “BackRub.” It was renamed Google after the “googol,” which is the digit one followed by 100 zeros.

Small choices could be huge

Tom Rath’s book will show you how small choices can lead to big changes. Rath breaks down health and habits in an understandable way so readers can understand more about their minds and bodies. 

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