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7 Tips to calm yourself down

Meditation isn’t for everyone but for some it, decreases stress while improving the ability to concentration. You can also try several other techniques:

1) Visualize a place of peace for yourself.

2) Colour to help reduce anxiety.

3) Drum to promote calm and help harmonize within yourself.

4) Cloud gaze to help focus but also help your creativity and imagination.

5) Use a walk to reduce stress and improve cognition.

6) Morning pages: download this app to help get your brain moving.

7) Watch painter Bob Ross videos, his soothing voice can calm and trigger ASMR reactions.

Stubborn parents?

Many adult children struggle with their mums and dads who want to maintain their autonomy and aren’t making the healthiest decisions. You’re not alone. Experts suggest you:

• Try not to push, nag or harangue them
• Be sensitive and stay calm
• Timing for discussions is everything
• Make an effort understand their motivation
• Don’t beat yourself up. You can only do so much.

Money matters

Here are some steps to follow to maintain financial fitness.

$ Free up funds – if you’re not saving the way you’d like too, look for ways to reduce spending. 

$ Build emergency savings – aim for at least 3 months of essential outgoings in the event of emergency.

$ Avoid excessive borrowing – take steps to manage debt that you have currently and see where you can cut back or consolidate debt.

$ Save for the future – start your retirement savings as early as possible.  

$ Protect what matters – take out insurance cover your assets.

$ Be cautious of scams or fraud – online financial fraud is on the rise, be cautious and question all emails asking for money, ask trusted others to be on the safe side.

Waste not, want not

Planet forward recipes and tips for a sustainable kitchen come from the Anne-Marie Bonneau who has spent a decade living with as little plastic, food waste, and stuff as possible. With 75 vegan and vegetarian recipes for cooking with scraps, creating fermented staples, and using up all your groceries before they go bad—including end-of-recipe notes on what to do with your ingredients next, Bonneau lays out an attainable vision for a healthier, more sustainable you.

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