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7 Tips to help Manage your worry

Although not all stress is bad, continual or chronic stress can increase our risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even early death. Here are 7 helpful hacks to help you conquer stress:

• Get a good night’s sleep: When we’re tired, our adrenaline is usually up, which makes us more susceptible to stress.

• Exercise: It will make use of that adrenaline circulating in your body.

• Take control: Although you can’t control everything focus on what you can for a more positive outlook.

• Meditate: Clear your mind to focus on the present.

• Smile and laugh: It’s known to release endorphins and reduce anxiety.

• Socialize: Spend time with others and share your experiences.

• Start a journal: Most people do this before bed so they can clear their mind. Writing things down makes things seem less significant, much better than bottling them up inside. 


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