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Caregivers Club 

I’ve heard that there’s a way to join an online club through your magazine. How do I find out more about it? 

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest in Canada Cares newly-launched Caregivers Club. This magazine is the founding partner so the best way to join is to go to our website,, and you can continue the discussion and networking possibilities on our Facebook Page, found when searching Canada Cares: Caregivers Club’. This club is a project of the Canadian Abilities Foundation that has been funded for an Eastern Ontario launch by New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Online reviews

Confusing at the best of times. Reviews and recommendations for health professionals and nursing / retirement residences leave me wondering who checks them for accuracy. Seems its every man for himself so to speak.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for taking the time to mention this. You should be able to trust reviews to be honest opinions from people who used the product or service. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that up to 30% of online reviews are fake. Best advice—ask family council members or residents for their opinion. I only trust verified sources.

Colder weather warnings 

I came across your article on staying safe as an aging adult during wintertime, and I must say it was incredibly informative and timely. As someone approaching their senior years, I found your tips and suggestions to be practical and valuable. Thank you for addressing such an important subject. 

Editor’s Note: We appreciate your feedback! As a proudly Canadian publication, we find it extremely important to cater to the real needs and challenges of our readers. Stay safe!

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