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Pet care is a challenge  

Mother is frail, stopped walking and caring for her Labrador, and it is now becoming more difficult for her to cope. She’s fallen and regularly runs out of pet food. She’d be heartbroken if we had to find her dog a new home. Do you have any suggestions?Steven

Anderson, Red Deer, AB.

Editor’s Note: Try looking for a dog walker or a student / retired  neighbour who would love to help with daily walks. A pet store or Amazon offers food delivery so help her by ordering ahead with a repeating delivery. 


Once in a lifetime   

There were so many challenging moments that I experienced when caring for my younger brother last year. He was only 67. Even though my caregiving was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I’m writing to thank your partners, Canada Cares for my free issues of Caregiver Solutions. When I felt at my wits end I often picked up an issue or two and found helpful articles.

Angie Taconi, Timmins, ON.

Editor’s Note: Our pleasure. Thanks for sharing.


Who to contact

I haven’t been to get my 4th booster shot. My local pharmacy doesn’t have any vaccines left and can’t refer. Is there a central site we can use?

Mai Young, Etobicoke, ON.

Editor’s Note: Yes a few of us are having the same problem here in Cobourg. Sadly, this is a case of “letting your fingers do the walking.”Best advice: Don’t give up! Call your Community Care Centre, do a Google search with your location and COVID vaccinations and try asking your doctor.


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