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Taking Care of You

Here’s to your health and happiness and your new-found determination to make good choices every day that really do make a difference.

Each of us is to some extent the master of our own destiny. Yet, sometimes in the heat of the moment we forget to eat well, miss doing our daily exercises, or we let someone else’s drama or special circumstances get the better of us. Perhaps we’re ignoring early warning signs that something just isn’t quite right at work or with a relationship? Are we blaming caregiving or a boring job for our bad attitude or poor health and using it as an excuse? Are you really trying to take care of yourself?

Think about what is a waste of your time, and what is productive, thought-provoking, and energizing? A wise woman once suggested that I have the good sense to have an honest moment with myself once a week, once a month and then once a year on different levels to “audit” my life, my activities and my friends. Her mantra: If you keep on doing the same old thing with the same old people, nothing new will happen, and most importantly, you won’t be vibrant, strong and ready when life throws you a curve ball.

Regardless of our situation, being in touch with ourselves and understanding our needs, wants and expectations is key. Building up stamina and resistance are essential. In good times and in tough times, remember that we don’t have to go it alone. It is not a sign of weakness to create a support system for yourself. Ask your friends and family for help, inspiration and encouragement. After all, shouldn’t they be on your side? If they’re not, don’t hang around—look elsewhere.

After a good night’s sleep when your energy level is high, your concentration levels are at their best. (Likely, so is your mood and according to experts, so is your sex drive.) Your job is to start each day making wise choices and making sure you have the strength to follow through every day. Take small, realistic steps to achieve your goals. What matters now is focusing on yourself and standing strong.

Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Editor in Chief

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