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Tips For Crazy, Busy People

Are you too busy?
Always running behind? Is your calendar loaded with more than you can possibly accomplish? In his book Crazy Busy, Dr. Edward Hallowell discusses putting systems in place to stop “busy” overload, start being happy, and still get things done. In developing a system that works for you, consider the following suggestions:

Whatever system you use, make it part of your reflexes and everyday habits, routines, and rituals. Plans often get forgotten or ignored. Plans that become automatic or reflexive become a system. Base your system on your knowledge of who you are. Whatever you set up, it has to mesh with your personality, your idiosyncrasies, your hopes and fears. Don’t listen to experts or consultants who tell you there is only one way. Try different things that suit your style. And, above all, take stock of what matters most to you, and do it.

Do your difficult and important work during your morning burst, when you are at your freshest. Connect and communicate with others. The single most important reason people fail at work or in relationships is poor communication. Bring problems up sooner rather than later. Don’t let fear hold you back. Particularly these days, when life goes so fast, it is essential to communicate often and clearly.

Source: Crazy Busy by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

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