Color & Control:

Tips for Enjoying Your Time Together

By Christine Stewart

Recreational and social activities are important for a person’s sense of well-being and may help them feel better. Try some fun activities to support yourself and the person you are caring for.

Have a picnic for a nice change of scenery at mealtime. Spread a picnic blanket out and decorate the area (perhaps with some flowers, photos, etc.). You may wish to play some relaxing music in the background.

Paint, draw and create crafts. Expressing creativity is a great way to feel more relaxed, centred, and in the moment – which can sometimes be hard as a caregiver.

Purchase relaxation music and do some meditative exercises. They help with sleep, increase alertness, and improve mood and health.

Find ways to stay socially connected, like having a friend over for tea, joining a seniors’ interest club (e.g., chess or model railways), going to adult day programs in the community, or volunteering.

Look through photos and make up trivia questions for fun discussions and to remember past times. But avoid any difficult or embarrassing questions.

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