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Tips For Shopping And Making Healthy Meals

The average shopping trip takes around 41 minutes. Here are some tips to help you down the grocery aisle and in the kitchen.

  1. Plan your meals for the week and do all your grocery shopping at once.
  1. Make a shopping list and move through the store quickly.
  1. Grated, chopped, pre-cooked, and pre-sliced foods save preparation time. For example, use pre-chopped broccoli florets from the salad bar.
  1. Cook once; serve two or three times. Plan to use leftovers. For example, if you are making pasta for a hot dish at supper, cook an extra handful to use in a cold pasta salad tomorrow. Make a pot roast with vegetables on Sunday and plan to use the leftover beef in beef stew, burritos, or vegetable-beef soup later in the week.
  1. Take a few minutes in the morning to assemble a slow-cooker recipe. Your reward: a ready-to-eat meal at the end of the day.
  1. Take advantage of the time you have on weekends. Cook and bake in large quantities and freeze potions for future meals and snacks.

Source: What to Expect When You Have Diabetes: 170 Tips for Living Well with Diabetes

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