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Tips to Beat Life’s Curveballs

Life sometimes ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I know you’ve heard that line a thousand times. Have you had life sneak up behind you and whack you upside the head with a baseball bat? Knocking the breath out of you? If you answered yes, welcome to the party. When I feel this way here are a few things that snap me out of it.

Eat chocolate. Okay so I’m not even the biggest chocolate consumer out there. But sometimes a girl just needs it. It helps ok?

Cook. This might seem weird to you but whenever I throw my brain into something else, something that calls for my undivided attention I immediately feel lighter, like someone’s taking weights out of this imaginary backpack I’ve been carrying around all week. I crank the heat and the volume on my laptop and dance as I throw some of this and some of that together. I think it releases some of those good endorphins or something.

Turn off your phone. As I’m typing this my phone is in my lap and it’s constantly whining for my attention. I find myself giving in every single time. Which is why I’m saying this to myself. Turn your phone off so that you can get your work done. Instagram can wait. At least I think it can.

Make yourself some coffee. Probably isn’t the healthiest thing in the world and it’s most likely gonna shave off a few years of my beautiful life but like how do I even get anything done without it?

DIY something. For the first time in forever I actually DIY’d something without adult supervision. l Soon you’ll forget that life knocked the wind out of you and keep moving.


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