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7 Tips for preserving your energy

When you or a family member is recovering from, or living with an illness, conserving precious energy is a serious matter. Here are some tactics recommended by occupational therapists to make day-to-day activities more manageable:

  1. Leave your most used items out or store them at waist level rather than putting them away.
  2. Prioritize the most important activities. Be ready to let some things go and ask for help to share the load.
  3. Pace yourself by taking regular breaks. This will help you to balance your energy levels and complete the whole task.
  1. Use tricks such as wearing a bathrobe instead of towel- drying. Or, let dishes air dry on the kitchen counter.
  2. Sitting takes less energy than standing, so sit in front of the sink for hair care, makeup or shaving. Choose a firm surface with arm rests and back support. Soft seating is hard to get out of.
  3. Gather clothes before you start getting dressed and keep a laundry basket close by to drop dirties into.
  4. Maximize rest and relaxation time to restore your energy.

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