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Tips for taking time for yourself

These are things you should try to do for yourself to stay healthy and well:

Stay fit: Try to exercise or work out at least twice a week—ideally with a personalized program, a favourite cardio video or yoga session in the community.

Book an appointment with yourself: Put your personalized time in your daily diary or calendar and treat that commitment to yourself like a business meeting; in other words, not to be missed. Have fun planning for what you want to do in that time, so that you can look forward to it.

On the job: Learn to do some simple stretches at work that can be done in 5 minutes, twice in the morning and afternoon.

Take a break: Make it your goal to turn off your mind for a set period of time and activate your body to give a physical outlet to the mental stress. His list of activities to try sounds like fun and welcome respite.

Best foot forward: Take a walk at the same time each day. Perhaps before breakfast or at lunch time. If you feel guilty, take along the kids or use your dog walking time as time for you.

Breathe when you’re rushing around: Stop for just a moment and take a deep breath.

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