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What to do with old glasses

Most of us have a check-up with an optician every two years, which can leave you with an old pair of glasses on your hands. How can you avoid sending them to the landfill?

  1. Choose quality glasses: Although they might cost a little extra in the short term, they will probably last much longer.
  2. Select second-hand frames from a thrift shop or vintage store: Instead of buying into the production of new frames, why not choose some that already exist?
  3. Avoid fads: Choose glasses that suit your personal style, rather than buying into the latest trends.
  4. Protect: Use a protective case to avoid scratches, dents and cracks.
  5. Recycle: Make recycling an option by choosing frames made from an eco-friendly material such as steel or aluminium.
  6. Re-lens: Change lenses but keep your current frame.
  7. Donate: The Lions Club runs a reuse initiative in countries including Canada.

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