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Tips for fostering a more positive outlook

As you plan to visit loved ones, it helps to have some genuine inspiration and thoughtful words in mind. 

• Simple messages like “I love you.” 

• Reminding someone that you think of them often, shows you care and  that they are still important to you. 

• Starting off. Begin a conversation, visit, or note with the words “I was thinking about you, so I thought I’d drop by” or call and say hi shows you care. 

• How are you? This question goes a long way toward finding out if there are any problems or concerns you need to know about.

• Grief talk is okay. Many older adults face loneliness of losing a spouse, friend, or other loved one. Talking can be helpful.

• Be playful. Humour still plays role in many people’s lives.

• Think of ways to lighten things up and tell stories they may find amusing. 

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