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Canada Cares

I was pleased to see you recognizing caregivers in the Canada Cares portion of your recent  publications. There have been so many helpful people in my own life and I wish I could take the time to recognize and thank them all.

Miya Campbell, Irma, AB

Editor’s message: Not enough recognition goes out to caregivers, which is why we’re always on the lookout for inspiring and personal stories. If you wish to nominate someone, please visit and share their story with us!

Getting active 

I’ve been feeling so tired and down for the last couple of months. Your tips got me going again. I joined a senior fitness club close to my home, and since then I’ve found that my physical and mental health and my energy levels have all drastically improved. The instructor is very motivating and my new friends make me never want to miss out! 

Greg Bolderman, Regina, SK 

Editor’s message: Research shows that exercise can improve your health and mood significantly. Remember to be consistent with your activity—even a walk around the block is great for you!


Up to date 

Thanks so much for providing caregivers with information that is so relevant to our everyday lives. Our care facility has been a subscriber for years now. The seniors and their families enjoy it as much as our nurses do! And if they’re happy, we’re happy. Caregiver Solutions helps make caregiving a more positive experience. 

Paula Jackson, French River, ON 

Editor’s message: Thanks for sharing the magazine. A lot of family councils request copies.



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