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My parent’s family doctor calls me regularly to check on my parents. It’s wonderful and also much more convenient. Is this something I can request from specialists as well? Sometimes it takes me almost a day to get to their house, back and forth to the hospital and then back to my house when waiting times are factored in.

Rick K., Oxford, NS

Editor’s Note:
It’s certainly something many people are talking about as an option. I think our provincial governments and doctors will be looking at how this has worked during emergency times and consider telehealth or virtual appointments as an effective tool moving forward. After all, times are changing and anything we can do to improve is going to be welcome.


When my husband died, I decided to try to reconnect with some of my old girl friends that I’d lost track of. Glory be, we still had many of the same things in common that we did years ago. One lives close by so it’s easy to get together, but with the others I’m hoping to get together for a weekend this summer (or when COVID-19 social distancing is over). Once a friend, always a friend.

Trixie S., Hamilton, ON


I ran into an old lover a couple of months ago. We are both footloose and fancy-free after raising kids and getting divorced. We’ve rekindled our relationship and although our kids are quite concerned, Sal and I are hoping to make a go of a new life together. Yes, we’re talking to our lawyers and financial advisors. Never fear.

Rubin H., Kelowna, BC

Editor’s Note:
Thanks for sharing. These are both lovely stories that give the rest of us hope, advice and even some good ideas!


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