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Tech Solutions Help Seniors Age in Place

Census numbers from Stats Canada show that seniors now outnumber children for the first time in the history of the survey. In fact, the most recent census reported the largest ever population of seniors since 1871, proof that Canada’s population is aging quickly.

With a greater percentage of older citizens in our country today than there has been for decades, it’s not surprising that caring for the elderly is at the forefront of many Canadians’ minds.

One of the fundamental considerations when evaluating how best to care for the elderly is their living situation. Many would prefer to continue to live at home as opposed to moving to an assisted living facility. But for those caring for them, this can be slightly unnerving due to the risk factors associated with seniors living on their own.

Tech to the rescue
Unlike in generations past, technology can provide solutions that allow you strike the balance between independent living for your aging relative, as well as peace of mind for yourself. Between medical alert systems, medication management programs and monitoring systems, there are many products that can help your aging relatives stay at home for longer.

Flexible, versatile security
One of the most versatile medical alert solutions out there is AlarmCare Go. It takes the form of a pendant that can be worn around the neck or on a belt clip, and has a large button that immediately connects the user to emergency services when pressed.

Flexibility is one of this product’s many benefits, as unlike typical alarm or security systems, it can be used both indoors and outside. GPS technology makes it easy to identify the user’s location at any time. Not only that, but AlarmCare Go pendants can automatically detect when someone falls, even if the person cannot press the button on their own. The possibility of a fall is a major concern for people caring for the elderly, and is a reason why the AlarmCare Medical Alert system is advantageous for those with relatives who still want to live on their own.

sol-alarmcarehome2Like its versatile AlarmCare Go counterpart, AlarmCare Home is a security system that allows seniors to get in touch with emergency services with just the press of a button. A live two-way voice communicator allows AlarmCare to quickly assess the situation and subsequently notify the user’s relatives. It can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has a 24-hour back up battery. The system is an effective solution for older relatives who want to continue to live at home, and for the people caring for them who want to be reassured that they are safe.

Constantly improving technology
As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so too do the security features of the AlarmCare system. Next month, the company launches its new EverThere platform, which connects seniors with their family and caregivers for encouragement, accountability and support. GPS technology provides caregivers with the user’s location at any time, and notification settings let care providers customize the notifications they receive via phone or email for instances such as a fall or emergency. It also makes lets you view the AlarmCare device settings, signal strength and battery level remotely. More than one caregiver can access the platform simultaneously, meaning multiple family members can receive the same information in real time.

An ideal solution
The prospect of an elderly family member living on their own can be daunting for those providing them with care. But with today’s technology and security systems, it is possible for your elderly relative to continue to live independently while still allowing you to have peace of mind.

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