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Stroke recovery

The after effects of a stroke are different for each person but how your emotions are affected can be trying for you and your loved ones. All that matters is getting well, so try to:
A) Keep calm, stop worrying and keep your sense of humour
B) Simplify your life and let others help you
C) Balance periods of healing exertion and exercise with much needed rest.


Bruising easily?

To prevent minor bruising, take steps to avoiding falls and injuries:
• Use good lighting in your home.
• Have your vision and hearing tested. Even small changes in sight or hearing can cause you to fall.
• Avoid clutter and throw rugs, especially on stairs. Arrange furniture and electrical cords so that they’re not in your way when you walk.
• Find out about the side effects of medications you take. Tell your health care provider or pharmacist if a medication makes you dizzy or sleepy.

Unfortunately, once a bruise has formed, not much can be done to treat it. Most bruises eventually disappear as the body reabsorbs the blood, although healing might take longer as you age. It might also  help to elevate the affected area and apply ice.
Source: Mayo Clinic 


Mineral muggers

Over 42 per cent of Canadians are magnesium deficient according to Statistics Canada, but there is little mention of the fact that medication usage may be the cause. According to the WHO, over three dozen medications interfere with magnesium absorption. Check to review latest info.



Car safety check 

Don’t just go with the flow—keep your eye on your vehicles fluid levels to avoid unnecessary breakdowns or delays. According to the CAA, the big four to check on include:
• Engine oil
• Brake Fluid and Coolant
• Transmission Fluid
• Windshield Washer


Moving to a new province?

Being organized reduces the stress of moving with procrastination being the biggest stressor for Canadians. Whether you’re moving yourself or someone in the family is heading cross country to provide care, keep in mind that after a short grace period you’ll need to get: a) new drivers licence, b) license plate and c) health card.




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