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Meals on Wheels (MOW) delivers nutritious, delicious and affordable meals to a variety of groups, including: seniors, people with physical disabilities and cognitive impairments, individuals suffering from illnesses and recovering from surgeries, and those who need special dietary planning and assistance.

MOW are delivered in 181 communities across Ontario. Most MOW programs in Canada were started by local church groups or steering committees that saw a need to help feed elderly populations in their communities. Today, MOW programs still operate at the local level. Programs vary widely in their size, service provided, organization and funding. 

The majority of MOW programs deliver meals hot and ready-to-eat, but some deliver frozen meals in containers ready to microwave. Some hot meal programs provide an additional frozen meal during the days prior to a weekend or holiday when there would be no delivery.

Depending on the program, meals may be delivered by paid drivers or by volunteers who are screened, trained and usually live in your community. There are 125 not-for-profit organizations receiving government funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide Meals on Wheels. This government funding covers only part of the cost—the difference is made up by donations and/or client fees, which are kept as low as possible.

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