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Watching while you drive

Today’s cars are akin to smartphones, with unregulated apps connected to the internet that collect huge amounts of personal data, some of which is highly detailed, like location and movement being used for marketing. Although progress toward user control of personal data is generally lagging, car manufacturers are beginning to roll out new fine-grained privacy controls.


Bust bad breath

If someone bravely informs you your breath smells, try these tips:

1) Brush your tongue when you’re cleaning your teeth

2) Use floss, dental picks, or tongue scrapers to clean hard-to-reach places

3) Avoid eating onion and garlic

4) Get dental infections treated

5) Avoid tobacco products

6) Drink plenty of water

7) Visit your hygienist or dentist regularly.


Heart medications and hot weather

For people with coronary heart disease, beta-blockers can improve survival and quality of life, while aspirin and other antiplatelet medications can reduce the risk of a heart attack. A new study found that among people suffering non-fatal heart attacks during hot weather, a large portion were taking either aspirin or beta-blocker heart drugs. Just one more reason to follow doctors orders and take your meds as prescribed.


Every 7 years?

Certain of our body’s cells in some organs and systems are totally replaced in a matter of months, but others remain much the same as they were at birth. For example, most of the skin and gut cells are replaced in months, whereas skeletal cells need around 10 years to replicate a skeleton in its entirety. On the other hand, the human heart only replaces 40% of its cardiomyocytes (the cells responsible for the contracting force in the heart) throughout life.


Trouble Hearing the doorbell?

Devices such as a flashing light or sound amplifier to supplement the doorbell may be helpful. An intercom may also help.

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