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Softening the blow of the aging workforce

Canada’s working population is older than it’s ever been. Calling it a date with demographic destiny, Laurent Martel, director at Statistics Canada, suggests that for the first time ever, there are more people leaving the workforce in Canada than entering it.

A closer look shows that there are 7.5 million Canadians (19 % of the population), the number of those over 85 up 12% and over 100 years old up 15 %.

Of note however, research is showing that many older adults are remaining in the workforce longer on a full, part-time or consulting basis to cover rising expenses, thereby helping to at least reduce labour shortages somewhat.

Breakfast: the most important meal 

Try these quick and healthy breakfast ideas to get your day off to a good start:
• Oatmeal topped with fruit, nuts, or seeds
• Hard boiled eggs with a side of fruit
• A whole grain bagel with avocado and cherry tomatoes.

Hips, knees, shoulder, and ankle repair

Earlier this year, the Canadian Orthopaedic Association released this data which sheds some light on the fact that close to 160,000 patients are waiting in pain for orthopaedic surgery:
• Wait times are 32.4 weeks from an appointment with a specialist to surgery (24 weeks longer than recommended) 
• Orthocare has the second longest wait time in Canada from a specialist appointment to treatment and fourth from longest wait time from a GP referral to treatment.

Source: Canadian Orthopaedic Association

Organ donations consent 

If your final wishes include donating organs, tissues, and/or eyes after your death, you can save up to 8 lives and enhance quality of life for up to 100 people. It’s the health of the donor, not the age that determines what can be given. Register in your province or territory by searching ‘organ and tissue donation Canada’. 


Financially speaking

If you’re in charge of a loved one’s finances, here’s what to think about:
1) Identify cash flow—current and future needs 
2) Any debts/credit cards
3) Available resources and assets 
4) Paperwork trails and powers of attorney 
5) Connect with their trusted advisors

Source: FPA Canada 

Talk about it

Plan ahead and discuss or write down your treatment and care wishes. However uncomfortable it is now, experts suggest that being proactive will help ease the pressure and reduce future stress. Check out this helpful resource: 

Source: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

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